Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Eliott turns 5 months :)

My little man - you are 5 months! I've been thinking lately about all the things that have changed about you in the last month... the biggest 'physical' feet you have accomplished is rolling over. At first you only did it when you were in your crib, trying to fall asleep (which was frustrating for both of us since you weren't quite sure how to fall asleep like this), but now you do it all the time. As soon as I lay you on the floor, flip you go. You like to check out the world from your 'new view'. You have rolled over before this month, but I would say you have definitely mastered it in your 5th month. You are getting better at sitting, but you're not there yet. When you are on your belly, you get your whole body moving, sometime getting your knees under you.

You also got to try the whole new world of taste. You went from trying carrots, to peas (yuck... according to you), sweet potatoes (your fav), and apples. I was excited to give you your first fruit, but you must have thought the apples were a bit tart since you scrunched up your face each time you took a bite. I don't think the texture of the peas were your fav either. I'm learning more about your personality with each new thing. Even though you didn't seem to love what you were eating, you never spit it out or refused a bite.

You have given Mom and Dad a few long nights these last couple of months. You are getting better, but aren't there yet. You fall asleep wonderfully and peacefully on your own, but often wake up several times during the nights... sometimes easy to put back to sleep, sometimes not. I'm not sure if it's because of the many hours you and Mom spent sleeping together your first couple of months :)... not sure if I'd trade those moments. I'm determined to help you become a good independent sleeper so you can grow into a healthy little boy!

Other than a night here and there, you are such a content, smiley little man who laughs at just about anything. Tonight a was putting you to bed and Gramma Lori stopped over. It was already past your bedtime but I brought you out to say goodnight... you were full of smiles. So sweet. I say all the time, 'My sweet boy'.

I pray often for you and your sister to love each other. Let me tell you, it is an answered prayer. You love looking at your sister and watching her play around you. She captures your attention better than anyone else can. She also loves to entertain you. Today, while I was getting your dinner ready, Madison pulled up her stool in front of your highchair and talked to you through her puppy. You loved it and it entertained you until your carrots and oatmeal were ready. I am aware that you will soon be moving around and probably taking her stuff, which could cause some issues, so we will continue to pray :). You two had your first 'disagreement' the other day in the stroller. You were sitting next to each other in the double as you eyed her hair that was blowing in the wind. I saw you doing this so I was trying to keep a close eye on you. Before I knew it, I was distracted and your sister was screaming as you had a big handful of her hair in your palm. She looked at us and looked at you like, 'why would he do that?'... I told Madison to tell you, the next time, 'No El-tt, no pulling hair'. She has followed through with this several times. I'm excited to see the dynamic between you two as you both grow.

We are so in love you you, little man! What a wonderful whirl-wind these past months have been! Happy 5 months!
Mom and Dad, and Sis too