Friday, July 4, 2014

Madison Turns Five

This pretty little lady of ours turned five this year.  She is a beautiful combination of fancy and fun.  She is certainly the most patient, kind person in the Hoffert house.  We all get a little spoiled by her at times.  She is a great big sis to T, Taylor, and already tells my belly she loves this new little lady that will be arriving this fall.  I tell Matt often that she will be able to run our house in a few years and could probably do it better than I can.  Today I was getting a few things picked up upstairs and I looked on her desk and she had this incredible flower bouquet that she had cut from around our house.  It was better than anything I had ever put together and she did it without saying a word.  Through this little lady, God has slowed me down to see the world around me.  She is never in a hurry and notices the small things in life.  We certainly love each part of her and look forward to see how this sweet/competitive spirit is developed as she grows.  She started and finished preschool this year.  She wouldn't tell you she loved it but she certainly seemed to enjoy it and never complained about going.  She grew a lot by being there half a day three days a week.  She also learned to ride her bike in pure 'madison' fashion.  She had been asking Matt to take off her training wheels for a few weeks.  When we finally did, he gave her one little push and off she went.  It took her a little while to figure out how to get herself started, but when little brother started riding his solo, she learned in about ten minutes.  She can climb monkey bars with the best of them and swings so high she makes my stomach a bit nauseous.  She has spent these last five years going from an only child to big sister of soon-to-be three younger ones.... and has done it unselfishly.  She often thinks of others before herself.  If you give her a few animals crackers (or whatever it may be) she will immediately ask for another handful and say "T will probably want some".  We love her and are often humbled by her sweet spirit.

Pancake Breakfast.  Ps... don't put the candles in too early... they are too tastey with clumps of pink wax.

Picking out earings.

Tough girl... not even a flinch.

Fancy Nancy / Princess party... She insisted on a surprise party and enjoyed it with some fancy friends.


The waters rose and we watched our backyard flood in about ten minutes.  It was a bit crazy.  The water started coming up from the ground and engulfed our yard.  Yes... that's our precious garden drowning.  We lost about a third of it but thanks to my parents it has started on its recovery...

One of our favorite days of the year!

Strawberry Farm 2014... this year did not disappoint.  This year we were on top of our game and were out on one of the first weekends.  There were lots of big juicy berries and we certainly took advantage. Ever since we ran out of jam last winter, I was determined to do a better job this year.  I think I overwhelmed myself as I was still cutting off stems well into the night the following day.  Gramma Lori rocks... this year she even went to the farm for her strawberries the day before so she could help with little ones this year.  Madison helped the whole time and was determined to fill her who bucket.  She picked at least as many as I did if not more.  Her patience and persistence is impressive.  Tman, for the first year, was actually incredibly helpful as well.  He was filling his bucket fast until Gramma decided Taylor had eaten and stepped on her share and the three of them went to check out the animals.  Madi and I pressed on and filled two whole buckets.  A good day, followed by finger-lickin' tastey, tastey jam!