Sunday, June 9, 2013

Taylor - four sweet months

Sweet little Taylor sue... You are definitely our tird. I promised myself four months ago that I would not neglect the baby book like so many have done for their third child... I refused... And here I sit on this rainy Sunday afternoon, typing with one hand as I hold your sweet sleeping self in the other, writing my first post about you in your fourth month.  First off, I promise to do better, secondly it is NOT due to a lack of loving ;). Someone told me once that the second, third, fourth... Kids get less 'mommy' time but this is all made up y the love they get from their big brother and sis... How true this is! You have been hugged, kissed, cheered for, and loved on every day of your little life so far.

Where do I begin... You have spent many hours the last four months being read to by miss Madison and Elliott. The love to sit with you, get you all 'snuggled' in, and entertain and read you stories. From the day you started smiling (6 weeks) you smile most easily for your big sis. All she usually has to do is show you her face and you give her a big grin.  When her and Elliott jump up and grab your feet you give these huge belly laughs that sound something like a long yell with a snort here in there. Love that! I feel like you started smiling and laughing so early and so easily.

No major milestones have been crossed yet other than a few roll-overs.  Once you are able to sit well you will be one happy girl watching all the action. You sleep well... The best in my arms, but I don't usually mind looking at your sweet sleepy face.  We are spending our last few weeks in our Hawthorne house and soon will be moving to our Janesville house.

Your favorite time of the day is bath time... Or maybe laying on the bed while someone works to make you laugh.  Your schedule is pretty up in the air still... We can work on that after the move.  For now I will enjoy the quiet moment of your. Sweet face sleeping soundly in my arms... You are so over sweet girl... Tay-Tay, Tastey Tay, Tater Tot... Dad already has many names for you... Not sure what will stick.  Love you little one and happy four months!