Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Frisbee Catching Contest 2014

First Eggs

Our first farm-egg breakfast and a bowl full of fresh garden veggies.  Few things better than going from your yard to your table.  2014

Little, Big Man - Eliott - 5 years and a few four year old mowin' pictures

Taylor Sue - Three years big :).

Lyla Beans (15 months)

Doing your best to keep up with the crew.  You're a go-getter little one :).

Happy Birthday... Love you my seven year old Madison!

Happy Birthday to my first little love, the little one who first made us Mama and Daddy.  Miss Madison, I could say 'where did the last seven years go?', but I know the answer.  They have passed by, one day at a time.  We have slowly, at times, and so quickly in others, watched you turn into a beautiful little seven year old.  Your kind heart and helpful hands amaze us.  You have been 'big sis' three times now in your short seven years and have done it so well every time.  Many times I have thought that I have not given you what you needed as I have given so much to those babes.  Yet at the same time I look at you and think about who you are and how that has been molded in those years of hard days at home.  You are quick to help, respond to a need without being asked, are so patient to those who don't do things quite as well as you, and love others without condition.  We have spent many of your 2,555 days rubbing shoulders during the day as I have asked you to meet a need way more often than you have asked for yours to be met.  As you have celebrated your 7 years, I have realized that you and I need to take some time this year remembering how to find a little joy that is just you and me.  Not because you asked, or because you really feel like you need it, but because I'll sure be missing out if I let a year go by without it.  Here's to being seven sweet little lady.  You are a delight.