Thursday, September 25, 2014

Life is moving... and changing

Well, I think that this may be the first post I have made about a 'small' life change that is about to happen in this already crazy house.  A short nine months ago Matt and I stood in the kitchen with a positive pregnancy test.  I am always thankful for the nine months that God gives you to wrap your mind around having another little one and well, it's here.  No better day to write this post than on my due date.  I have seen another due date come and go with this little babe still in my belly.  I feel like life has just started organizing itself into a bit of a routine with Taylor mellowing out (a bit) and as we try and figure out what this homeschooling thing looks like (oh, have I not mentioned that either... did I mention life has been a bit crazy? :)).  I guess all this to say, that this crew of five is very excited to meet the little lady that is going to take us to six.  She has some pretty great big sisters and a pretty awesome big brother to welcome her home.  Madison totally gets what's going on.  She is excited and ready to help.  Eliott is mostly just excited about the three 'sleep nights' that he gets to have at Gramma and Papa's when this little lady decides to make her entrance.  Taylor know to point at my belly when we talk about a 'baby' but then usually lifts her shirt up to talk about her baby :).  Her world is just about to get rocked.

We are excited to welcome you into our humble little life, little lady!  We have prayed for you many times at our dinner table with our family and look forward to holding you in our arms.  You are already loved by many!
I had to add this picture.  This is the night we found out we were pregnant.  So thankful and at the same time I looked at this little lady in her 'big sister' gear and just laughed to myself.  Oh how God will shape our whole family this next year.  Ready or not... loving every moment!

I have 'belly' painted every time we have expected and of course this time I waited until I was 40 wks pregnant.  Better late than never.  We also later figured out that Eliott had a fever... not the best day but still fun and a great memory :).

Our past belly painting.  The top two are Madison when she was 18'ish months with little T-man in my belly.   The middle and bottom two pictures are from when our little Taylor was on her way.