Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Summer Days

Matt is gone this week in Texas so the five of us have the week to ourselves.  It has been awesome out, so fun has been pretty easy.  On the way back from the park tonight (for the second time), I looked at Tay in the stroller and thought, '...this is a true summer night'.  I think, way down the road, when I look back at my time with littles, I will mostly remember days like this.  Whenever I have traveled through a season of life I often look back at it and only remember the sweet moments.  The 'tougher' moments get hidden in the back of memory-lane and these are what I remember.  A day like this....

A sweet toddler who got to choose her own outfit and her own hairstyle (which hasn't been redone since it was first done).  A headband thrown on that she picked up somewhere around the house and dirt all over her face.  A full tummy and a dirty face.  Beautiful... every part of days like these.  

Pizza Pie

There isn't much of a schedule at our house right now... until 4:00.  At four, the big kids rush to the TV to click on their favorite show.... Wild Krats (I can hear the song now :)).  Often times, Lyla is sleeping so that leaves Tay and I to make dinner.  I usually try to give her a snack and encourage her to enjoy the Kratt brothers with big sis and brother, but htat usually only lasts through the first half of the song.  Today, I decided to give her a try at helping with dinner.  She was one focused chef, taking every topping very seriously.  She loved it and she made a pretty darn good pizza.  I don't get as many moments with this sweet little miss as she has been smashed between two bigger helpers and a small babe.  You are pretty great Miss Taylor Sue.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Snowman with Dad

Impressive snowman this year....

This is great.  Madi, like me, never tires of pictures.  T has had enough :).

Taylor turns two!

Little Miss Tay... you are officially two.  Your sweet and spunky little person continues to keep us guessing.  We are totally in love with you.  "Happy Two!" as you have been saying. 
She totally knew what she was doing when it came time for presents :).

How can you not include this one.

Cousins came to celebrate!

The only thing we could think of that Tay liked was this guy.  Happy Elmo Birthday :).

Taylor likes anything that is 'tomato-based' (pizza, chili, pasta) so we went with some lasagna for the birthday dinner (and salad :))

I Work Out...

This little lady works out in skirts and smiles.

The whole crew.

They take it very seriously.

Watchin' Dad, trying to figure out how in the heck to do that move...