Sunday, October 14, 2012

Todd and Mallori's Wedding

I sure do wish I would have pulled out my camera a few more times during this fun day but between trying to get two little one's dressed and ready to walk down the aisle at Matt's brother Todd's wedding was plenty to think about :).  What a fun couple of days.  We headed down as soon as we could Friday to get there for the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner.  I wasn't quite sure what either of my kiddos were going to think of walking down the aisle so I had talked it up a quite a bit to Madison before the big day.  She was very excited to wear her 'princess dress' and often asked when she was going to get to wear it.  We pulled up just in time for rehearsal and Madison thoroughly impressed me with how well she walked.  Eliott on the other hand, wasn't quite as sure.  I walked him halfway down the aisle and then showed him Daddy and he walked the rest of the way.  We had an awesome dinner and it was fun meeting some of Mallori's family.  Matt and his brother look very similar and I think it was fun for some  people to meet the brother... they are so similar in looks and mannerisms!  Todd and Mallori live in Souix City and we don't get to see them incredibly often but was a sweet girl Todd married... I'm thankful for a wonderful sis-in-law.  It's a bit of an instant connection when each marry men that seem so similar.  I am honored to be a Hoffert lady with her... we hope they move closer at some point!  We headed back to the hotel and tried to unwind our children to wake up the next morning for the big day.  Madison got to meet the big girls at the beauty solon and get her hair done.  She felt pretty special with all the attention and watched Mallori like she was a movie star.  We headed back to the church for lunch and pictures and the wedding was planned to start up at 3:30.  At about 3:28 Eliott was in my arms with his head bobbing and his eyes closing.  Madison and her sweet cousin Savanna (with two of Mallori's other nephews) headed down the aisle.  Madison and Savanna got to drop fall leaves in the aisle as they walked.   I woke T up, showed him Daddy at the front of the church and set him down.  He locked in the the leaves and darted for the first one.  Then he meticulously picked up each leaf that the girls had dropped, slowly making his way to the front of the church.  After what felt like a quite a while :), Matt walked up and grabbed him before Mallori walked down.  He immediately clonked out on Matt's shoulder for the rest of the service.  Madison found a comfy spot between the bridesmaids feet and sat on the steps up front for the service.  After a beautiful service we headed to the reception.  My wonderful parents had come down to the wedding and offered to take the kids after dinner (they were so tired!).  Love my wonderful parents (for more reasons than this).  Matt and I got to hang out until the wee hours of the morning (10:00) before we headed back to our empty hotel room for the night.  The perfect ending to a wonderful day.  We were so thankful to be a part of a great day... thanks Todd and Mallori!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Bucket List (#3) - Apple Picking

Well I wasn't so sure that 'apple picking' was going to happen this year.  I had heard that many places weren't picking because of an early frost this past spring.  So when our friends asked us to come over and bring a box for apples, we took them up on the offer!  Thanks Lindgren's!

Fall Bucket List Activity (#2) - Pumpkin Decorating

We hope to do some actual carving here soon but today Gramma Sue brought some little pumpkins over for the kids.   While Eliott slept, Madison and I decided to get out the glue and glitter (which she loves) and decorate.