Tuesday, March 20, 2012

God's Mountain!!

Well, the whole family got to pack up and head out this spring break... definitely a change from years past. This is the first year we have been able to go as a family with Matt on spring break missions. We headed to a town by St. Joseph Missouri to a camp called God's mountain. The wonderful college students other leaders did things to help the camp prepare for the summer (drywall, paint, ....) while we pretty much played and played and played some more. It was wonderful being able to get up, eat wonderful food that the cooks prepared, then just play with my kids all day not having to worry about a thing. I would have loved to get to know some college students better than I was able, but kids make conversations short at times. What a wonderful place, full of God-loving people! We were blessed to be there! I will provide more details later... but kiddos are waking up :).

Saturday, March 17, 2012

conversations with Madison... 9,345...

Madison: "I just looked at Chiefy like this (pause as she strikes her pose)... I thought he was going to throw up." (Madison has been a bit freaked out ever since Chief threw up several weeks ago and she saw it) "But he didn't."

Me: "Did he say, 'Don't look at me like that, girl?'"

Madison - dead serious - "No, he doesn't talk."

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

random things I love about TT

1) The way you say "cheeeeeeee" whenever I hold up the camera or my phone
2) When you are finished eating in your high chair you dump out all of the food onto your tray and then put the plate behind your back.
3) When you walk around with both hands behind your back as if you are thinking, "Hum de dum, what kind of trouble can I find now?"
4) How you scoot back and forth on your belly like a little fish when you're in the tub
5) When you know you're not tall enough to reach you either go find a stool or pull out a drawer to stand on. I even found your trying to scale the dresser the other day.
6) When you hold an object in your mouth, then blow as hard as you can to see it shoot across the room... then belly laugh
7) How you entertain yourself... ex: see #6
8) How you fall asleep... easily... on your own... and often times don't wake until the morning (sigh)
9) How much food you can inhale
10) When you want something, you continuously extend your arm, over and over, saying, uh, uh, uh, uh... even though we have told you many times how to sigh 'please'
11) How you freak out when I open the cupboard and you see the bag of marshmellows
12) The incredible dance you do when someone you like walks in the room... it's a two footed 'foot-fire' with a combo hand/knee clap...
13) You crazy curls... from who-knows-where
14) How you work very hard to make us laugh
15)... to be continued...

Little Miss Madison... almost three!

Crazy that three is almost here. We are actually excited this year that we are going to get to be a family for the first time ever on Madison's birthday. Usually we are split as Matt has always been on a spring break trip. This year we are packing up and heading to God's Mountain in Missouri with him... the whole crew. I'm not exactly sure how everything is going to work, but we are excited none-the-less!

Oh the things I could write about you, sweet girl. How I wish I had hours each day to sit with you and do the things you love. You would sit at a table for hours and do a craft, puzzle, color, ... You are very patient and meticulous with everything you do. Lately you have been making pictures that go along with the seven days of creation and you take each one very seriously. You take each cut out and glue it on to each picture. They are nothing incredibly (on my part) but they are wonderful in your eyes. You love painting and play-dough, and would do these things for hours if your little brother was not climbing all over you We actually have let you sit in Eliott's high chair to do crafts lately... simply so he isn't 'bugging' you :). You do love to play outside, once we get out there. You love snacks and M&M's and your favorite color is still orange. You love bed time since it entails reading three books with Mom or Dad and two songs. In the mornings you get to spend time with wonderful people while Mom works. Your top choice, of course, is Daddy. You do all kinds of random things with him from crafts to jumping on bed, to 'tickle-time'. The other day I came home and you and TT were taking turns standing on the stool, doing a small dance, and then jumping off. You LOVE teaching your brother (or anyone) things... anything. Often I don't really think you are listening to much of anything I tell you, but then I find you trying to teach it to someone else. The other day I asked you, "Madison, who loves you more than Daddy?"... you replied, "Ayden!" Not sure if that's true, but he does love you :). You also get to go to Jess' a couple of mornings a week and do wonderful things there! You are the sweetest little two-year old around!... oh, and you are totally into making silly faces :).