Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cont: Conversations With Madison

Matt, "Madison, do you want to take a nap in Mommy and Daddy's bed with me?"
Madison, "Why?"
Matt, "Because I want to take a nap with you"
Madison, "Yes!  You know why, Dad?"  Dad... look at me.... you know why?"
Matt, "Why."
Madison, "Because I love you."


This is the neatest thing to do on Memorial day.  Heading down to see the flags fly.  One flag is dedicated to my Grandpa so we were able to sift through and find his stone.  You definitely feel small in a sea of red white and blue.  A small way to feel very thankful for those who fight for our freedom.

Strawberry Patch

Hope this trip to the strawberry patch continues each year.  I still remember vividly going to this same place when I was younger then sitting at my dining room table picking the tops off the strawberries.  While my mom and I rushed to pick as many strawberries as we could before Eliott smashed anymore plants trompsing through the rows, the kiddos filled their bellies.  Eliott didn't even bother to take off the stem.  Before long, there whole face was pink.  I felt like I should have weighed them before and after and paid the difference... oh well.  Thanks Mom for another fun day with Gramma!!

Champion Chief!

For the fourth year in a row the Hoffert crew headed to the Sturgis Falls frisbee catching contest.  It's a silly but fun thing we have looked forward to each year.  As Chief has taken back seat twice now to our little kiddos, I enjoy this once a year event that is committed to enjoying our crazy, over-energized dog.  The rules... throw a frisbee as far as you can (within the boundries) for two one-minute rounds.  The dogs get points for how far away they catch it and get an extra half point if they catch it while they are jumping in the air.  The crazy, never-ending energy of our dog pays off every now and then... today being one of those days... as Chief brought home the title.  Way to go Chief!  (and Matt!).