Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Nine Month Little Lady

Happy Ninth Month to Miss Taylor Sue.  We have said lately that we think that this month you moved your way from the 'baby of the family' into a part of the family that always seemed was there.  You have your own little strong personality and will not accept the 'third child' label.  You definitely make your presence know and don't let us forget about you.  You are such a sweet little lady, easy to make laugh, and love life.  Your giggles are huge and from way down deep... and you laugh the hardest when you are entertained by your big brother and sis.  Don't get me wrong, you let people know when you don't like something and can very quickly turn it off and on!  You can be crying one second and laughing the next.  You have to be going through a growth spurt this month as you eat anything I put in front of you.  A few nights ago you ate at least a piece and a half of lasagna.  I thought 'this can't be good', but once you reached your limit, you stopped saying 'more' (or maybe I should say you stopped yelling from your high chair) and were very happy the rest of the night.  You finally sleep well at night... stuffy nose and all.  Your naps are hit or miss, but I don't blame you as your schedule gets 'adjusted' daily by others' activities.  You a our beautiful, fun, life-loving little lady.   We love you!

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Matt is very good at putting us in front of his hunting, which makes his big week in November all the better.  Him and his great friend Matt Strayer were headed down to Matt's farm for the week.  Matt had to come back for a few days in the middle to celebrate T's birthday and then was going to head back that same night (they're crazy... leaving at 9 or 10 at night, driving three hours, and then up in a stand before dawn the next morning).  Anyways, it was a good thing he was home because I woke up the day before T's birthday with the flu.  He stayed an extra night for me and then was going to try and take off the next morning.  We went back and forth as to when he was going to go since I was having hard time kicking the flu.  I was feeling ok on Wednesday morning so he headed out.  Good thing because that same night he encountered this deer and took him home.  Him and Matt called him 'Lucky' before they shot him because they had had him at 20 yards twice already this season with some bad luck that prevented them from getting him earlier.  We're proud of our deer-huntin'-lovin man (and dad)!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Marriage with three small kids...

Our friend Elliot took our family pictures a few weeks ago.  This picture is one of my favorites for many reasons.  One being I like to kiss my good-looking husband.  The other is how perfect a glimpse it is of our stage of life.  How crazy it is to stay married 'well' with three littles demanding much time and attention.  Well, here's a great picture of our life right now... holding one kid while we reach over the other two in order to say a quick hello.  Love my husband and very thankful he is willing to drive the bus of our crazy, humble little life.