Thursday, March 28, 2013

You know you have little ones when...

One kid, three, twelve, ... it doesn't matter.  I've been meaning to start this list for four years.  I feel like the phrase, "You know you have kids when ..." often pops in my head.  Here's my on-going post.

You go to put your shoes on for work and you find small, glittery, gold shoes tucked inside.
When your best option for a peaceful dinner is sitting on the toilet seat while the kids take a bath.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Budding Artist

I cut out the flowers for Madison and told her she could glue them to her paper and then draw things 'springy' around them.  I drew the tree and the clouds but everything else was her work of art.  I love watching her drawing develop.  She works so hard on her art and is very detailed about what everything is.  The people on the bottom are Mom, Dad, T, and Madison.  The girls are the ones with the spiky lines for hair (since they have long hair) and the boys always have the bumps for hair.  In this picture we are all walking on the sidewalk.  There are squirrels sitting on the tree.  I can't remember what she told me the black bug was... maybe a spider with a web.  There are light yellow butterflies towards the top of the paper, a mini rainbow and a sun.  I'll have to ask her what the object in the circle towards the bottom is again... I'm sure that she will remember.  She always signs everything with her name 'MADi'... the first three letters always uppercase with the 'i' lower case.  She would do art every day, all day if I had something for her to do.  She spends much time every day coloring... and wants to save every picture she creates... we have many folders and boxes :).

Sleeping Babe

There are few things more precious and peaceful than a sleeping babe.  Doesn't she look like she doesn't have a care in the entire world.  Taylor just turned 2 months and I
can't imagine life without her sweet face.

Still Snowing...

Whenever Madison gets the courage (or the silliness) to pray before a meal she always thanks God for random things.  The one the that always makes the list is 'thank you for the pretty snow'.  They got to enjoy the white stuff a bit more this winter and on this Saturday they get to make another snowman (or whatever you might call this :) j/k Matt).  Love these days!!

Effort from that little man

Madison has definitely passed her faces onto little bro

I'm pretty sure T thinks he's smiling...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Our Sweet Four Year Old

Madison Birthday Week

Madison's Birthday was definitely more of a week long celebration of this wonderful little girl of ours.  We started the celebration off at Gramma Lori and Papa's... full of yummy food, a pretty princess cake, and fun gifts.  The day actually started with Uncle Nick picking Miss Madison up and taking her on a 'shopping spree'.  We went to Toysrus where Madi picked out two Barbies and a coloring packet.  She wasn't quite sure how to handle that.... it was definitely the first time she has ever been told, 'get whatever you want!' :).  Her actual birthday landed on a Thursday so we had fun at home in the morning.  Madison and I snuck out mid-morning to go to the beauty shop to get her 'pink hair'.  She still has it and holds it every time her hair is brushed, since that is what the beautician told her to do so it would last as long as possible.  We got to spend the morning with daddy working at home, opened up a few gifts, and ate cinnamon rolls.  Later that evening, we met some friends at Godfathers and went to the pool afterwards.  The final celebration was with the Hoffert family.  Almost everyone was there... so fun!

Happy Birthday to our sweet not-so-little four year old.  Your kind heart continues to amaze me!
Birthday Cake from Gramma Lori and Papa

Best buds (most of the time)

From a dollar tree toy to a rainbow suit, you can get this girl anything and she is ecstatic.   Of course anything with rainbow colors or princesses is over the top.

New crocs and accessories

Pink Birthday Hair

Birthday Breakfast... her request

Princess Drinks (kool-aid ice and sprite) and cupcake decorating during nap time

Presents and Pizza

Fun Friends

Happy Brother


Whoa... two princess Barbies!

Ballerina Ariel Cake

A bit embarrassed during Happy Birthday... Love you Madi!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Long days indoors

Let's see... what haven't we tried yet?  Oh, sit in a bin and read, let's do it...


Eliott - "Mom, can I see your sliver" (in the sweet way that T talks right now)
Me - "Madi, can you show T my sliver" (since I was feeding Taylor at the moment and couldn't show him myself)
Madison - "I'm busy... pickin' my nose"

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Madison Layne...

Our biggest 'little' girl turns four tomorrow... you are beautiful sweet girl... inside and out.