Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sweet Lyla Is Three Months

This sweet little lady is three months... almost four but not yet (so these still count as three month pictures).  You are such a precious little addition to our family.  You are so patient and sweet.  I know I've said 'sweet' several times already, but my goodness you are so sweet.  Your Daddy and I often look at you and then at each other and say, isn't she just so sweet!  You are so patient as you wait for Mom to assist your brother and sisters all day long.  You smile, smile, smile at just about anyone who stops for a moment to say hello.  Your siblings are so in love with you.  They cheer you on each day as you are starting to look for and grab things.  Taylor screeches with, "Mom!  Lyla!" every time you are able to grab your binky out of your mouth.  You are definitely loved by the rest of us!  You are a good little sleeper during the day and night.  You take great naps during the day to give us time to get a few things done so we can be ready to play when you wake back up.  You often would rather be laid down in your bed than held or rocked to sleep.  I have said several times, "I didn't know that they came this way."  You have always been easy going and easy to please.  You are one smiley, sweet little lady and we are so thankful for your first three months.  You are a precious gift from God.  We love you little lady!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hoffert Six

Hoffert Tree 2014

Once again we ventured out into the deep forrest... or Kris Kringles... on the first day it opened.  We quickly realized that the trees were slim-pickin's this year and had to grab the first decent one we found.  This beauty was off all by herselft.  We actually wondered at first if it was an option but decided that we should cut it down first and ask later.  The perfect tree... one of our better ones.  Memory making :). When Eliott tells the story he says through a laugh, "Yeah, we drove right up to it, got out of the van, and chopped it down!  We didn't even walk around!".  We actually didn't even ask for the kids' input.  We just said, "Alrighty... get out and grab the saw!"

A good man this guy is... a good man.

Sister Love

Still smilin'

The perfect addition to 401 N Oak :)

And, maybe we will have to cut off a few bottom branches to make it fit.

Dad gets it started.

T-man gives it a try.


All business.

A little help from Dad.  An incredibly patient and loving Dad. 

Tay wasn't having much to do with it.

It's harder than it looks!

Missing little Lyla, but a 'almost' family pic

They look a bit confused but were totally willing this year to visit Santa

I think they both told him that they wanted colors and coloring books

Tay, once again, was having nothing to do with that bearded man.

Loving on my Daddy instead.

S'mores after the tough work.

I thought this was cute... looks like they're on their own little date.

Threw the tree on top of the ol' mini and headed home.  So fun.

Snow Fun

Our First Snow Fall...

Madi made this snowman all by herself...

T and his extra large snow ball.

Miss Lyla and a few extra family pics

This little lady is the most easy-going, smiley little lady.  We are so in love with you!

Thanksgiving Feast!

A year ago we decided that we were going to do our thanksgiving feast a bit different this year.  We knew our family was going to go big in the gardening department and we have some men who like to bring home meat.  So... it was actually my brothers idea... we decided that everything that lands on our table has to have been homegrown or hunted.  We had to improvise just a bit as our garden flooded, but we still did pretty good.  We are thankful for what God provides for our little family!  Ps... all women need to try this... the men were cooking in the kitchen way more than the women!  So fun :).
My brother made this... somehow he made duck look this amazing.  He has some hidden talents he whips out every now and then.

This actually tasted really good... there's pheasant in there. 

Roasted pheasant... right, Dad?

Corn... can't lie... from the local market :).

Home grown squash

Deviled eggs... from the ladies out back.

Apple sauce from our tastey apple trees.

Cute little place settings.

This was a hit... Matt created this goodness out of his deer.  If you're not a venison fan, you shouldn't rule it out until you try this.