Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Cookies 2013

It's the MOST wonderful day... of the year :).  Love you, Mom and Gramma Lori (how many times did you hear that on this wonderful day :)).
Before the frosting and the sprinkles... three of my favorites.  Thanks Gramma for a fun, fun, fun day!!

Christmas Aprons!

Is there something on my nose?

I pick these!

First batch.  Go ahead... 'ooooh aaaah'.

The first cooking lesson any of my kids has had has been from this kitchen sink watching my mom.  Tay is the first one to attempt (and succeed) at crawling out.

Serious business.  You can never have too much frosting or sprinkles.

Working hard... didn't get tired all day.  Spreading mints on my favorite kind of chocolate cookies.  They are called "Mrs. Bundy" cookies because when I was little, my neighbor lady used to cook these for us during Christmas.

Look at that collection of scrumptious sugar.

Gramma and Papa's house is magical, all year, but especially on Christmas.  Where else do you get to drink out of 'santa straws' and when you get asked what you want for lunch, chili or pizza, you can say 'both!'.

And That's The Truth...

I admit that usually my blog posts are a highlight reel from the Hoffert family.  I'm ok with that... I'd like my kids to remember the good times.  Today, though, I will give you a glimpse into real life. It may make you giggle... or maybe feel better about yourself.  Both, I'm ok with.

So, I woke up this morning a bit later than usual after a long night with my 11 month old beautiful little lady.  Well... maybe I should start there.   At about one in the morning, I said (a little loudly) "I'm going crazy!".  Matt 'excused' me to Eliott's room to shut the door and sleep there.  Thank you Jesus for my wonderful husband.  So, needless to say I woke up late.  Much to my surprise Matt had already left for work and T was sitting in the chair, by himself, watching cartoons.  He says, "Daddy already left".  Whoops.

So then I decide to jump in the shower before Madi wakes up and T is entertained by The Cat in the Hat.  I put out a big bucket of toys for Tay and hop in.  She can definitely move these days and usually I have Madi watch her while I shower, change the laundry, etc, but I was trying to get caught up in the game (and Madi was still sleeping).  I hurry through and when I get out Taylor is nowhere to be found.  So... I went on a mad search in our split level home (she's not great on the stairs and has never successfully come down them).  She was all the way upstairs, playing happily in Madison's room.  Phew... that's why you pray for your kids' safety... Again, thank you, Jesus.

The day continues.  Madison just told me the other day that they have to wear something red for their Christmas program, which was today.  I had never seen that anywhere so the Christmas dress that she picked out with my Mom (you rock, Mom) was pink, of course.  We found her red dress from last Christmas and found some tights and put a long-sleeved white shirt under it.  Check.

There's more.  Maybe this is TMI... I don't know.  When I was changing a diaper, T walks out of our room with a strand of condoms (in the package).  He is squishing them between his fingers saying, "These are squishy... what are they!?!?".  I did what any good, involved mom does.  "Ask your Daddy, Buddy."  Then proceeded to take his video on my phone and sent it to Matt.

Just as we were almost ready to leave for pre-school, I see that T has red between his eyes.  I was convinced it was marker, but when it wouldn't rub off we realized it was blood.  Nobody has any idea how it happened.... including T.

Did I say that it wasn't even noon.  A good morning in the Hoffert house.  I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.  So thankful I get a front row seat to this drama.  I really am... I'm not sure I would have always said it but boy has God used my children to help me grow, relax, and know when to laugh.

My house was a pit as we left for Preschool.  The day turned around.  Madison's program was so fun.  She worked so hard on her songs and sang each and every one of them.  Nice job Madison.  When we got home, Taylor gave us a great nap and we whipped up a snowman in the front yard and took the sled down the hill a few times.  When Tay woke up, the kids stayed outside hoping the neighbor girls would come home to play.  Sure enough they did.  They stayed outside with Ava and Alaina and their Daddy for the next hour and a half.  They played in snow and sledded down our backyard hill.  The best part, I got to watch from my window and get my kitchen clean and dinner started (a huge feat if you would have seen the state of my kitchen counter).  They have never stayed outside without me for longer than five minutes.  Not only that, T-man had never wanted to sled down the hill without me.  He loves (understatement) the neighbor girls and totally turns it on when they are around.  He was flying down the hill with the ladies and dragging the sled back up.

Glad I didn't quit at about 11:00... it was close.  If I could have called a sub, I may have.  Crazy-wonderful... crazy-wondrful.

Just spotted Mommy and T, Daddy was a few rows back.

Rockin' the actions.

Crafts after the program... Madison's fav.

T got in the action at the craft table.  You can see his 'mark' between his eyes.

Our perfect little snow lady.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Little Ladies

I love doing this... Madison on the left and Taylor on the right.  I think madi may be a month older.  I think these two will be quite good for each other.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Tree 2013!

So it was a big day in the Hoffert house.  Last year we passed on the tradition of cutting down a tree.  We just didn't have the room so I went out and bought a tiny little tree from Hobby Lobby.  This year... we have the room so off we went to the tree farm.  It was fun because none of our kids remembered cutting down a tree so it was like it was a first for all of them.  We searched, we cut, we decorated... a big day.

Yeah for fun family days

I thought it would be quite funny to bring this tree home... think of all the presents you could fit under there.  Nobody agreed.

Everyone doing their part.

We even tried to give Tay a chance... wasn't having it.  She was a bit like the boy in "The Christmas Story" who fell in the snow and couldn't get up.
Helping Dad drag it to the truck.

Totally to my surprise they sat on Santa's lap.  All of them.  Madison told him that she wanted coloring books and colors for Christmas and T wanted "Twains" (Trains).

S'mores by the fire.
Sibling Love

Christmas Ornaments were pretty magical to these three... it was like opening one hundred little presents. 

We realized a while into it that T had been hanging all of his ornaments on one branch.

After the tree was decorated they each had a present waiting for them full of jammies and slippers.  In true Madison-fashion, she waited until everyone had opened their presents before she opened hers.  She always wants to be last. 
In true T-fashion, he ripped his open first.


Moments before this picture, T was rolling on Taylor. We told him not to do it since we thought Tay was crying.  We then realized she was hysterically laughing so we snapped a 'happy' pic while it lasted.


That's better.  Nothing more wonderful than three littles dressed in their new Christmas Pj's with their new slippers in front of the tree.  As T would say, "It was the 'Bist'!".

Happy "Howdy" Halloween

Another fun year of dressing up our crew.  We headed to the Yoder's for another year of trick or treating.  It's funny watching them for the last three years.  The first year we practically did it for them and this year they did much of it themselves while we trailed behind.  Here's the crew!

Somehow I only managed to take a picture of Hamburgler Stacey and Football Player Brett... I do have to say that the rest of us did partake....

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Nine Month Little Lady

Happy Ninth Month to Miss Taylor Sue.  We have said lately that we think that this month you moved your way from the 'baby of the family' into a part of the family that always seemed was there.  You have your own little strong personality and will not accept the 'third child' label.  You definitely make your presence know and don't let us forget about you.  You are such a sweet little lady, easy to make laugh, and love life.  Your giggles are huge and from way down deep... and you laugh the hardest when you are entertained by your big brother and sis.  Don't get me wrong, you let people know when you don't like something and can very quickly turn it off and on!  You can be crying one second and laughing the next.  You have to be going through a growth spurt this month as you eat anything I put in front of you.  A few nights ago you ate at least a piece and a half of lasagna.  I thought 'this can't be good', but once you reached your limit, you stopped saying 'more' (or maybe I should say you stopped yelling from your high chair) and were very happy the rest of the night.  You finally sleep well at night... stuffy nose and all.  Your naps are hit or miss, but I don't blame you as your schedule gets 'adjusted' daily by others' activities.  You a our beautiful, fun, life-loving little lady.   We love you!

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Matt is very good at putting us in front of his hunting, which makes his big week in November all the better.  Him and his great friend Matt Strayer were headed down to Matt's farm for the week.  Matt had to come back for a few days in the middle to celebrate T's birthday and then was going to head back that same night (they're crazy... leaving at 9 or 10 at night, driving three hours, and then up in a stand before dawn the next morning).  Anyways, it was a good thing he was home because I woke up the day before T's birthday with the flu.  He stayed an extra night for me and then was going to try and take off the next morning.  We went back and forth as to when he was going to go since I was having hard time kicking the flu.  I was feeling ok on Wednesday morning so he headed out.  Good thing because that same night he encountered this deer and took him home.  Him and Matt called him 'Lucky' before they shot him because they had had him at 20 yards twice already this season with some bad luck that prevented them from getting him earlier.  We're proud of our deer-huntin'-lovin man (and dad)!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Marriage with three small kids...

Our friend Elliot took our family pictures a few weeks ago.  This picture is one of my favorites for many reasons.  One being I like to kiss my good-looking husband.  The other is how perfect a glimpse it is of our stage of life.  How crazy it is to stay married 'well' with three littles demanding much time and attention.  Well, here's a great picture of our life right now... holding one kid while we reach over the other two in order to say a quick hello.  Love my husband and very thankful he is willing to drive the bus of our crazy, humble little life.