Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Big Move!

Let's just say that what we have done in the past five months or so was the craziest thing we have ever committed to... moving houses with three small children... 'sigh'.  Here goes the story...

Matt and I had played around with the idea of moving for several months now.  We weren't sure if we wanted to move into a similar house to our own that had another bedroom, or stay put and try and save for what we really wanted long term (since a decent house outside of town was not in the current budget).  We looked a little bit but had decided to go ahead and refinance.  Our house was fine... a little small for our growing family, but we were content and happy with our humble little Hawthorne house.  Then a friend of mine forwarded an email on to me from a friend of his who was selling his house.  I took a peek and called Matt at work.  All I said was, "Can we afford it???  It has a chicken coop!!" All Matt said was, "Maybe.".  To make a very long story short, we walked through it a few days later and fell in love.  We worked to convince the owners that we would be able to sell our house quickly (which wasn't even on the market) and they accepted our offer.  The next week and a half was a bit crazy.  We worked day and night (literally) to get our house ready.  We DEEP cleaned, rented out a storage unit, finished a room off in the basement, moved furniture out (T slept on the floor, poor guy), and listed it on facebook, craigslist, and veridian.  We had a couple walk through it the next day and bought it.  We couldn't believe how smoothly everything was happening.  Then, we hit a wall.  When the appraiser came to appraise the land he eventually found out the a piece of the lang that connects us the the river was somehow owned by the seller as well as a neighbor.  It makes it a bit tricky to appraise a house when the land is not showing up as completely yours.  We spent many hours working through this issue, but in the end it was resolved (literally hours before our closing).  We moved in and have not had a single regret yet.  Amongst the craziness of attempting to move at this stage in life, we are absolutely loving our new place and have felt like we are simply on a long vacation.  I am SO thankful to our family and friends who practically did the moving for us and was amazed at the sweat that people put in to help us out and all they got out of it was a free lunch or dinner.  I'm not sure what we were thinking but we definitely would not have been able to do it without them... literally, it would not have happened.  

The kids love it too but are still adjusting.  When we first moved in, the kids wouldn't go anywhere in the house without me... including the bathroom.  They are still quite freaked out about being in there room by themselves and Matt usually spends half the night sleeping on the bottom bed of the bunk.  With that said, they love being here too.  Many times Eliott has said, out of nowhere, "I yike our new house."  They spend many hours of the day picking apples and walnuts from our trees, watering their gardens, and making mud pies in the back yard.  Between the craziness of moving, we have found time to try out an industrial sized slip and slide, make many fires in the back yard, plant a decent size vegetable garden, fish in our backyard (and caught lots of fish!), caught snakes, frogs, and turtles, climbed trees, jumped on our tramp, and gone on walks and bike rides.  I have actually not unpacked a single box of toys and the kids haven't asked once to get out a toy or watch TV.  I'm sure winter will bring some of that back, but for now we are enjoying the simple pleasures in life.  

We feel very blessed and look forward to using our new house as a blessing for many years to come.  Come see us soon!

Monday, July 22, 2013

First Foods

A few Sundays ago Taylor turned 6 months so we introduced her to a spoon.... with lots of little helpers.
Whoa... I think she was a bit overwhelmed :).

Pretty Lady

Big Sis...

Add caption

Big Bro...

Hehe... she didn't hate it and didn't love it.  On to bigger and more tastier foods soon sweet girl.

First food - Oatmeal

Strawberry Jam

We attempted a first... homemade strawberry jam.  Fun to do with the kids because they loved mashing the berries and it was pretty darn easy... all you need is a lot of strawberries, a LOT of sugar, some pectin, a big pot, and some canning jars.  So worth it!

stuck on the masher...

caught... as if the red cheeks wouldn't have given it away.

Our first taste was on ice cream... the best.

Face of approval (that an "mmmmm"... not a sour face :)).

Strawberry Farm

Another fun evening with Gramma Lori at the Strawberry Farm...  I'm not sure how many strawberries Eliott actually put into the bucket.  Madison on the other hand was a rock star.  She picked most of my bucket.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Briana Turns Three!

Well, it was 'Briana's' Birthday the other day.  Madison declared this and prepared for it for days.  She baked her a cake that consisted of raw noodles, cheerios, oatmeal, dirt, and flower petals (actually cooked in the oven about three different times).  We also made cupcakes for it and Madison made her and gift and wrapped it.  Gramma Lori even got involved and got Briana a new dress for her birthday (of which Madison was thrilled).  After throwing her party, we overheard Madison talking to Briana along in the other room.  She told her, "Now your REAL birthday party is in two days... that was just a practice one"...

Flower Girls...

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Champ Chief - 2013 Sturgis Frisbee Comp

Seven years old and still bringing home to trophy... go Chief.  Glad you still have one
two rounds... one minute each... 1-5 pts depending on how far you are...


Miss Taylor... By the way, this "Cars" chair that she is lounging in has a bit of a funny story.  It is a second hand chair that is falling apart at the seems.  It was in a 'toss' pile when we moved yet somehow still made it to the new house.  It was here we realized that this is her favorite place to sit.  Inside/outside... just chillin' :).

T, Madison, and cousin Savana!

Little Miss Madison - proud big sis

Nice job Chief.  The dog next to him, Vinnie, is hilarious.  He barks at the frisbee right before he catches it and is deceivingly good.  He has beat Chief before... but Chief had quite the second round this year :)... 
day (well a morning) devoted to you and your craziness.


I need to blog about our crazy life lately... many fun things to do in the new house.  This day we had a front yard picnic... "Do I have jelly on my face!?"