Wednesday, November 26, 2014


We were reading a book the other day about baby polar bears that were raised by a woman named "Cindy".  T heard her name and said, "Cindy!  Like Madi's states and capitals!".  I was quite confused and he said, "You know... Indianapoli-'cindy'-ana!"

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Front Yard 40 yd Dashes...

As we watched football tonight, I had mentioned how it doesn't look like the football players are that fast since everyone on the field is fast. Imagine I was playing in the Miami - Florida state game, and I managed to somehow get the ball and was 15 yards in front of any defender ... How far could I run before I got tackled... How far could matt run? 

So today the family gathered in the street in front of our house to time our '40's'.  Here's the outcome...

With my lightning fast 7.95 seconds for my 40 yds, and if my math is right (which was a bit tricky for this tired brain... might I add), and with the defender having a pretty fast 4.5 '40', I would get 20.95 yards before getting taken out. If Matt Reisetter has a good point... it may get stretched to 25 yds as I plant my face into the ground another four feet after I get leveled. I'll go with that... 25 yds... not bad. I'll take it.

Matt:  With his impressive 5.8 '40' (with snow boots trudging through the street), and the same defender, he would reach an impressive 38 yards. I'm sure he would claim touchdown. Pretty impressive.

Madison: In her pink cowboy boots and fur hood, she would get 15 1/2 yds before getting taken down.

Chief:   He would reach 188 yds before the end of his impressive run.

Eliott opted to stay inside and watch from the front window.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Happy Halloween...

... from our little puppy, spiderman, our little cheerleader, and our new little flower :).

Spiderman T

Go Panthers

Madison was going to be a princess.... which was great since she had all the gear.  Easy year for me.  Then, two days before Halloween, changed her mind and REALLY wanted to be a puppy.  Thanks to our good friend Jess for the mask and a trip to Goodwill, we made it happen.  Wasn't too bad :).  

Our little flower is usually pretty sunny :).  

She actually really likes her...

T and one of his favorite little ladies, Alaina.

Definitely a Halloween highlight... we were snapping a few shots of our kids before heading out to trick or treat.  I heard from behind me, "Hi Emily!".  When I turned around I saw this little pumpkin waddling around the corner.  I died laughing... how great!

Monday, November 3, 2014

First Smiles

Little Lyla Mae was sitting in her bouncy seat today.  The big kids noticed her little smile.  I figured it was another tiny baby 'reflex' smile.  Then she smiled again, and again, and again.  Long enough for me to finally grab my camera.  Love our little happy babe!