Monday, February 13, 2012


Madison and Eliott... that's the best!

Eliott - 15 months

I literally am not sure what to do with Eliott at times... this picture collage is a small glimpse into a day with him. he climbs into and on top of everything. Months ago he learned to use objects to help aid him in his climbing attempts. The stool get carried around the house in order for him to reach his destination. It's crazy. There was a day that Matt was home with the kdis and Chief took off. Matt ran quick outside to see if he could find him. Once outside, he could hear Eliott pounding on the window... when he turned around he saw him standing on the kitchen table. He went back inside, lifted Eliott over the gate that keeps him out of the kitchen and locked the gate. When he went back out he soon saw Eliott standing on the lego table in the living room pounding on our big picture window.

He is definitely a handful and full of endless energy. Nothing tops what you get out of him when you return home. He always greets you with this two footed 'quick feet' and hand/knee clap combo. Just wonderful.

ps.... the object in his mouth in the fourth picture is an old frito that he found in the drawer (which, by the way, is an emptied bread drawer because Eliott used to open it and help himself to whatever he could get open).

Happy Valentine's Day

Madison and my valentine's day craft. I'm not sure who got more into it... her or I, but it was fun none-the-less. She did love pulling them out of the tray after they were done...

Peel crayons and put them into pan
melt 230 degrees for 15 minutes
Let cool... I stuck them in freezer which seemed to help them pop out

fyi... I'd stick to similar colored crayons or at least group them in the tray and take them out carefully... if they all mix together it seems to produce brown crayons :).

And the conversations continue...

Madison walks out of her room tonight while supposedly trying to go to bed. When I told her she needed to return she told me that she had heard something ("sumfin") outside....

Madison - "I heard something outside." ("I hewd sumfin out-ide")
Me - "What did it sound like?"
Madison blows twice...
Me - "Maybe it was an animal... maybe a squirrel."
Madison - "Ya, maybe a squirrel... or a giraffe."

Friday, February 10, 2012

Matt Turned 30!

For Matt's 30th birthday I decided to throw him a bit of a party... and it's always more fun to be surprised, so I planned it myself. Even though he hacked into my facebook account (or maybe I left it open), he figured it out, but it was still very fun. Happy Birthday to my favorite!

Merry Christmas From the Hofferts!

Christmas Eve...