Friday, July 10, 2015

Family Camp 2015

So our family decided to pack up and head to family camp this year. We went with some wonderful families from church. Totally worth the exhaustion we felt when we finally headed home. Three days full of tree climbing, lake swimming (with rope swings and water slides), horse riding, crafting, tastey meals (without dishes), staff assistants who followed us around and helped us with kiddos (What!?), and fun time with other wonderful families. We stayed up way too late and woke up way too early, came home dirty and tired. We hope to see you again, Village Creek!

Madison rope climbing... the hike up to this tree was just as impressive as the actual climb.  This little lady scooted right up.

Eliott much preferred rock climbing.

Taking an attempt at the tree.

T and Dad up on top...

We love our sweet, easy-going little "Beans".

Pony Rides for Eliott.

Taylor had been saying "Ride the pony!" for three days.  They must have looked a little bigger up close.


We settled for some "Pony Pets"

Matt, Pastor Paul, and the three bigs went creek-stompin and crawdad hunting.  I actually think they were originally trout fishing but this was taken over...  A highlight for all of them.

Taking a hayrack ride up to the 'mountains' for breakfast.

Eating in the mountains.  Sadie (in this picture) and Hannah were our wonderful staff assistants... which pretty much means they rock.  There sole job of the whole trip was to help our family.  I'm not sure it would have been much fun without them!

Tether ball... it's impossible to play without a continuous giggle at all your swings and whiffs.  

Tay played "Chase the ball in a circle".

Madi was part of the 'Little Dudes" camp. They taught the kids how to ride and lead the horses. This is the only chance I had to grab my camera. Supposedly she was riding a horse around the circle dropping water bottles in buckets. She now knows more than I do about horses.