Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happy Thawing... Easter at Gramma Lori and Papa's

A Few Days From Madison's Preschool Days

Madison enjoyed preschool.  She wasn't the first one running through the door, but she was always up for going and learning something new.  I think she grew a lot and became more confident and independent.  We got to join in on a few days and get a peek at what she was doing
Grandma Lori and I got to volunteer at Madison's Valentines Day party. 

Birthday Cupcakes!

Maidson got to bring her new chickens for 'sharing'.  It was so fun... they had Madison sit in the middle of the circle where she shared about her chickens.  Then she got to call on a few 'quiet hands'.  The questions were great... "Where do your chickens sleep?  Where is their mom?  Where did you find them?"

T got to join and held on to Sweetie Pie during sharing.

Carefully deciding on which quiet hand to call on.

Taking a ride on Shortcake.

Teaching T the ropes on the new playground.

Checking out the big chickens at preschool.

So... Let's Just Say It's Been Awhile.

Since the last post looks like it was Madison's birthday, I certainly need to get after this blog thing again.  So here goes.  Consider the next several posts 'catch up'.  Therefore they will probably be random and out of order.  Here goes!  We'll start with a few random pictures from the freezing cold winter that we made it through.
Some day they won't enjoy cleaning with me... until then, I will gladly take half-smeared mirrors.

No, winter did not thaw, they are just pretending it's a hot day in the middle of summer while it's still freezing outside.

T convinced me that he likes broccoli and he likes it 'whole'... then he proceeded to eat pretty much this whole stalk.  

Morning cartoons with sis.

Toothy smile from this little personality-exploding lady.

I just thought her pretty pony needed a picture... blonde-haired beauty :).

And the thaw begins... drip, drip, drip.

Water dripping?  Could it be?

Afternoon nap with Dad.

A lot of beater-lickin'.

And a lot of book-readin'.

More beaters.

An impromptu snowman with Dad.

Go Fish... winning is the only goal for this lady.

Fire place naps... does it get any better?

Fire place snuggles with Great Grandma.

Snow, snow, snow . . . 

Taylor often picks books out and drags them over to Madi.  When she's on the floor, Taylor backs her way in to plop right down on Madi's lap.  I love hearing Madi make up the story for Taylor.

Madison's trying to draw.  I thought her fox and castle (bottom left) was pretty impressive.

These two almost always end their day in this spot.

They decided to make their own bonfire, then convinced me that they needed marshmellows to roast.

A squeaky clean monster, giraffe, and frog.

We call him the mail man... he gets the mail almost every day.

And another cold afternoon... today it was filled with hot chocolate and a game of trouble.